Save Money!

  • Group students who wish to attend a 2nd or 3rd time during the same week will pay $2 less for each class that they attend with a minimum of $5 each time. Students who attend a class one level below their own, may come for no charge, providing they pay for at least one class that week.
  • Private lesson students are welcome to drop into any groups during the week for half price.
  • If only 1 or 2 people are in attendance for a regularly scheduled group class, a half-hour private lesson will be given at the group rate.
  • Students who take group lessons on a fairly regular basis but want to take a private lesson on occasion, can schedule an appointment for $40/couple instead of the normal $50/hr. If you bring a 2nd or 3rd couple to the private lesson the cost decreases to $30/ couple and $24/couple, respectively.