Dancing at Puttin’ on the Ritz is a great way to stay connected, learn something new together, and have fun!  Todd & Julie



Jane and I at 56 and 66 never felt we could get up and dance at weddings or other events.  Donna has given us the tools and confidence to be the first on the dance floor.  In addition to learning to dance we have made a whole new group of friends that we would never have met.  Donna’s lesson night is now date night.  Lee and Jane Cagwin

We started dance lessons with Donna O’Neill to prepare for our daughter’s wedding.  We enjoyed the learning process and encouraged friends to join us.  After a year of lessons we felt very comfortable getting up and dancing at any social dance venue.  Donna never makes anyone feel uncomfortable and offers multiple levels of dance instruction.  One of the attractions of this program is that you pay as you go.  Many times it is difficult to make 6 classes in a row.  Therefore, the pay as you go was a benefit.  Donna offers Saturday night dances where the music plays and Donna is there to help you through the patterns.  Marilyn and Barry Guinn

Within 2 years of starting dance lessons, my husband and I learned 12 different dances.  Donna is an outstanding instructor who immediately understands your learning style and how you relate and have fun together as a couple.  She uses this knowledge to help you learn and laugh with each other while learning new skills.  We have been very fortunate to meet new friends through dance events who want to do more than just “go out for dinner”.  This has created a whole new world of fun for us in the Syracuse community.  Donna O’Neil is a unique instructor in that she plans events, encourages you to attend all dance opportunities,  and connects you with fun friends you would never have met any other way.  We laugh, we learn, we can DANCE!  Joan and Steve Sotherden

I have been taking lessons from Donna for going on three years and look forward to every lesson and dance.  I was apprehensive to start but so thankful I did.  Donna is an amazing teacher who can teach you so much in one lesson without feeling overwhelmed or insecure.  I have never felt pressured or made to feel inadequate and that was important to me.  I wanted to learn but have fun at the same time and that is exactly the atmosphere.  Donna has a wonderful sense of humor and makes every class fun.  I have met many wonderful people who are always friendly and welcoming.  I let very little other activities conflict with my dancing lessons …. that’s how much I enjoy it.  I feel it is a wonderful way to exercise without going to the gym and way more fun.  It also takes concentration which is good for the mind.  It has been a wonderful experience.  Donna Thomas

I am a student of Donna’s. I have been taking classes from her for nearly two years. I have to admit that in the beginning I was nervous about ballroom dancing and being single in a couples environment. Donna and my fellow classmates calmed my fears. I have found everyone to be kind and patient, from the basic steps to the more fanciful ones. I have lost weight and gained self confidence and self worth. The people are always friendly and that is wonderful for a shy quiet person like myself.  Polly

Dancing has changed our lives.  It has given us a shared activity, lots of laughs, lots of friends and some new challenges for our brains and feet.  Marvin & Jo Ann Reed